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   chmod 600 authorized_keys   chmod 600 authorized_keys
   echo "​StrictHostKeyChecking no" > config   echo "​StrictHostKeyChecking no" > config
-Checking of connection between nodes with ssh. Before first start of GPFS requre to full-mesh connect between nodes. 
-You can use the script below 
-  #!/bin/sh 
-  for j in gpfs-node2 #names of nodes 
-  do if [ `hostname` != "​$j"​ ]; then 
-  echo "from `hostname` to $j" 
-  ssh $j hostname 
-  for i in gpfs-node2 #names of nodes 
-  do if [ `ssh $j hostname` != "​$i"​ ]; then 
-  echo "from `ssh $j hostname` to $i" 
-  ssh $j "ssh $i hostname && exit" 
-  fi 
-  done 
-  fi 
-  done 
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